Hippy Dippy

I just had a moment.

After retrieving my leftover brown rice and veggie stir fry from the microwave, and tossing out the empty shells of edamame I just snacked on, something occurred to me as I grabbed my reusable bamboo silverware.

I am eating so freakin' crunchy right now.

Dude, pass me the patchouli and let's go compost, okay?

This morning, I enjoyed my first-ever cup of Sweet Rose Tulsi tea, gifted by a co-worker. It's "tea" made from basil and though I expected it to be super-floral, it was very light and soothing. Take that, over-caffinated Folgers guzzlers!

The edamame was recommended by another co-worker and I am lovin' them - Trader Joe's makes them lightly salted in their shells and they're fun to pop open and enjoy raw.

The brown rice stir fry..well, it was an easy dinner last night and healthy, as opposed to the Five Guys & Fries meal I really wanted but was too lazy and guilt-tripped to seek out. So there.

Today I am eating very healthy and it feels great, albeit a little hippified.


  1. Love the crunching, sister bear... Just watch out, and don't get addicted to Wasabi peas they are crunchy and delish!

  2. Nothing wrong with crunchy...helps grow flowers in your hair! I just had some small feather extensions put into my hair out here in CO...I'll out hippy=dippy you anytime!

  3. Ha! Too funyy, I did eat Five Guys for dinner. Bacon cheeseburger and cajun french fries.


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