Friday Shout Out: I Like The Island Manhattan

(Five big ol' brownie points to the person who first identifies the musical theatre reference in this blog post title.)

Exciting news for the HTT team -- we're headed to New York City!
We've decided to forgo the scrimp and save method and treat ourselves to a weekend next month, exploring all that the Big Apple and the Five Boroughs have to offer.

I haven't explored any of the boroughs yet, so I am up for a little Brooklyn and Queens action. My last visit was in November 2009 -- review the good times and exciting celeb sighting -- while Scott hasn't seen the city in over 20 years!
Here's a call out for your personal faves in NYC. What we're looking for:

- Unique. 
- Romantic.
- Classic Noo Yawk.
- Maybe a little offbeat.
(And last but not least, moderately priced, if possible.)

I want to eat the best bagel out there, sip on New York's greatest cup of coffee & a genuine Egg Cream, and nosh on a late night slice of the tastiest pizza there is. And discover more delectable bites!
Let us know what you'd recommend for dining and sightseeing, and we will credit your amazingness in the post-trip follow up post. And maybe send you a postcard from Manhattan!

Friday, we thought you'd never arrive. Hope everyone has a terrific weekend!


  1. West Side Story...
    Hollywood L...

  2. WOOOOT! New York City! Hmmm... I wanted to check out the New Museum on Bowery. We had dumplings in Chinatown at Vanessa's dumplings that were cheap and delicious - $17 for three of us! There's a taco truck in Williamsburg that is killer. Hmmm... other than that, try many of the delicious Tapas spots around Greenich Village - namely, Enoteca.

  3. When are you going? Seth can probably hook you up with some good ideas.

  4. Check out Red's a vegetarian place, but so not LIKE ONE.

  5. Thanks for the leads...will let you know what transpires. Can't wait!


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