Friday Shout Out: Big on the Pig

Sometimes, when Scott leaves dirty dishes in the sink, or I forget to sweep the bathroom where my hair tends to shed, the HTT partnership undergoes a little difficulty.

You know, we bitch each other out for a moment. And then go back to being the cheery lovebirds we're meant to be.

One reason we're so compatible? We both love pig.

Exhibit A:

Scott picking through Tennessee-raised pork

Exhibit B:
Me sporting my fine new Piggy Wiggly t-shirt

It's the little things in life that can bring people together...or it's the big, fat, tasty hogs, too. They're not so little.

Hope everyone has a wonderful, peaceful MLK Jr. holiday.


  1. Pig is good, but every now and then I enjoy a medium rare Dolphin burger.


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