Friday Shout Out: Back from Whence We Came

We're not dead yet, to borrow from mighty Monty Python. Just kind of sick, tired, and overwhelmed to get back into the swing of things post-holidays.

Anyone else feel like a total slug getting back to work after ringing in the New Year? So. damn. painful. Well, I'll stop my griping and promise you this: we turned it OUT this holiday season, taking lots of photos and making and eating our share of tasty holiday yum-yums.

And by that I mean we stuffed our face with:

- Shrimp & Grits (made by Sir Scott, coming soon to a blog near you!)

- Potato Gratin with Rosemary Crust (made by yours truly madly deeply...I rocked it - post coming soon.)

- Southern goodies like pimento cheese (pronounced "puh-menna" if you can get your Southern drawl going) and boiled peanuts

- A new thing I credit my mother dear for showing me: Pickled Okra! Holy cow, they are good with cocktails. Or just eating them straight out of the jar at 2am , barefoot, as you try your hardest not to get pickled juice all over your feet and kitchen floor. (Or something.)

These are delicious, mmmkay?

I've taken drastic measures already in 2011 - merely seven days in - to say adieu to my other blog. I definitely love this HTT blog the most, and hope to devote more time to making it hungrier and better.

Here's to getting hungry in this new year - seize it and chomp on it!


  1. Oh pickled okra, you are a friend o' mine!

  2. Wish you were here for the collard green rolls at City House!

    How is the snow where you are? I love it there, but no necessarily when it is snowing and cold trying to get from the subway to work and back.


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