Something to Chew On

Not to get terribly political or high-minded on this little blog of ours, but while we're planning our holiday gifting, it came to mind that 1) time's running out, and 2) we're both somewhat skeptical now of the consumerist nature of Christmastime.

Each year Scott and I usually rally in early December to scour the Internets and Google Machines for silly holiday songs (like this one), buy them online, and burn a lot of CD's to gift for friends. We've done this since December 2006, but instead of making this our 5th annual Christmas Mix, we're opting to do something different.

Inspired by the good guys over at The Bitten Word, I learned from them about Share Our Strength, a non-profit working to end childhood hunger in America. With the economy as it is, and reports like this one indicating one in seven Americans are on food stamps, it dawned on me that perhaps we can afford to direct our Christmas gifting funds in another direction.

The money that would normally go towards purchasing CDs, cases, padded mailers and postage will now go to Share Our Strength's Share Our Holiday Table campaign.

Scott and I often joke about being "broke" or "poor" but truly, we never want for anything, and we have plenty to eat at each meal - and sometimes more than our fair share! To know that there are people out there - 17 million children, specifically - who don't have access to nutritious and filling foods, sobers us.

I'm not saying we'll never whip up another mix of ridiculous holiday tunes, but this year our gift-giving is a little more serious. Happy Holidays, and as we ponder our next meal and then blog about it, we're grateful and hopeful for better things to come for all of us.


  1. VERY cool....I'm fine with a leaner Christmas...less stuff, more soul.


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