Shameless Cross-Blog Promotion: Eat Your Vegetables

Yesterday on my other blog, I posted my pondering on vegetables - even though it's cold as a witch's you-know-what, we can't forget our greens, can we?

I had fun hearing from readers' favorite vegetables - and even the vegetables that are really fruits - the impostors!

My top five are:
1) Red bell peppers
2) Brussels sprouts
3) Big heirloom tomatoes when in season
4) Portobello mushrooms
5) Lettuces like arugula and mizuna/baby spinach

What are yours? Do share!


  1. MMMM! I heart vegetables.

    Tomatoes (for real yo)
    Avocado (fruit?)
    Cucumbers (again, does that fit?)
    Sweet Potatoes
    Spinach (raw, baby)
    Brussel Sprouts
    Red bell peps are definitely up there too


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