Friday Shout Out: Mac & Cheese

Recently two boxes of Giant-brand (generic) organic Mac & Cheese made it into our pantry somehow - methinks I know who squeezed them into a fully loaded shopping cart not too long ago.

And then this week my grocery store trip went awry and I somehow figured we'd get by on random produce, rice, a cut or two of meat, and....magic?

Let's just say the cupboard was pretty bare and we did the dreaded yet handy "Breakfast for Dinner" approach one night this week. Yep, grits, egg and veggie scramble, and a commendable approach at potato pancakes from one Scott Adams.

So...those two boxes of mac and cheese - one Wisconsin cheddar and another white cheddar - came in pretty freakin' handy. Problem is, they fully brought the mac, yet not so much the cheese. Both boxes were dry, dry, dry. I had to poke around my bowl just to find any semblance of sauce.

Here's my stance: if you're going to go the boxed mac and cheese route, do yourself a favor and forget "organic" and opt for the Kraft Mac & Cheese with the silver squeeze packet of cheese sauce, the color of which isn't found in this natural world. Yes, fake cheese much like the ungodly Cheez-Whiz variety, which most likely contains nary a dairy product.

Our friend Jim shared this review of boxed mac & cheese offerings - not only does it make me weep for a Trader Joe's closer to where I live (nay, it would deplete my food budget), but it also bring back fond memories of the Velveeta Shells & Cheese of my childhood. I'm pretty sure I licked the pot clean after dinner every time, and I'm also confident my mom made it sheerly for the same reasons I do now - slim pickings in the pantry!

So today, on this chilly snow-melted end of the work week (thank you, GOD), I give three cheers to the bastard child of the kitchen cupboard. Yes you, mac & cheese - you little freak of nature.

What's your favorite brand? I know you have one. Don't even lie.

Happy Friday!


  1. "The bastard child of the cupboard." Such a perfect description. I feel so ashamed when I make boxed mac n cheese, but dang it if it ain't, easy, cheap and (decently) tasty.
    Velveeta tastes better than Kraft but we usually go with Kraft because it's cheaper. I do the Three Cheese or Creamy kind. It's a little step up from the normal version. Don't ask me why - it's the same powdered crap.

    I realize that was a lot of commentary on boxed mac n cheese. I'm slightly embarrassed now, oops.

    When do we get to see pics of your pretty new pots?!?!!

  2. Frozen Stouffer's Mac n Cheese...
    You don't even have to "cook"...just bake in the oven.
    And,you can pretend you just created a casserole!

    ps--plus, it warms the kitchen and makes it smell good...

  3. If you must, must go the organic route, Amy's White Cheddar is oh so good. Though no box o m&c has any thing on Nana's homemade yummy goodness!

  4. I completely support this pro-Kraft stance.

  5. Love all the input. Very telling that Mac and cheese strikes a chord in all of us! "I pledge allegience to the Kraft..."


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