Down with OPB: Other People's Blogs, Part Two

Check out Scott's most-excellent post at our friend (and Scott's colleague) Mark's blog Car Free Baltimore. Scott shares our experience saying "See ya, sucka" to one of our cars. Thus far, no worries.

Chances are, I'm going to do more of this (below) in the future.

Can someone turn up the thermostat for me, though? I'm not crazy about biking in 20 degree temps!


  1. But you look do darned cute!!
    I suggest earwarmers under the helmet...and layers elsewhere.

  2. No kidding, this 20 degree weather plus wind chill SUCKS on two wheels.

  3. ST, I just can't DO it. I bought nearly $100 worth of stuff at REI recently, including new lights, a new lock, and a thingy to prevent tire theft, and I haven't used any of them yet.

  4. I hear ya sister bear. My bike lock was frozen! I mean if metal can't handle it, WTF is our skins supposed to do? I would never make it in the Andes.

  5. This is great! Welcome to the winter bicycling community. Here's a blog post with some hopefully helpful info:

  6. Thanks for posting the tips, Scott! I am sure biking in Pittsburgh is a little more harrowing in the winter, given all those hills and freezing temps!


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