Christmas is Coming!

Hard to believe it's just two days away!

What kinds of things will you enjoy this holiday season? Here's a rundown of what I expect we'll partake of this Christmas and New Year's:

1 ) Some form of sugar cake. You may recall I've waxed poetic on the Moravian sugar cake I grew up enjoying as a child of the N.C. Piedmont area. Winkler's Bakery in Old Salem is the place to get the sugar cake - it's like a coffee cake-style deal - cinnamon and sugar and all those good things. I have the recipe, but will I really work with rising yeast and stuff early on Christmas morn? That, my friend, is TBD. This little elf may want to sleep in. Mother Dear says she has a simple recipe for something similar, so we shall see.

2) Seafood! Mom's promising her amazing Carolina Rice & Shrimp dish, and we're headed for Charleston, S.C. to ring in the New Year. Shrimp, I am coming for YOU.

3) A pig roast! Scott's aunt and uncle have held a traditional New Year's pig roast for several years down in Mount Pleasant, S.C. and this year, they're bringing a big fat hog from Tennessee. In years past, a certain comedian/talk show host by the name of Colbert, a Lowcountry boy, has attended.

4) Gingerbread. What can I say? I'm stuffing my own stocking this year with an Amish-made Gingerbread Man from the Dutch County Market. He was too cute to pass up.

5) Beef & Potatoes - it's what's for dinner. Mom's promised to make some tasty London Broil to pair with the Potato Gratin and Rosemary Crust from this month's Southern Living. I chose that as our food to make together. I can't wait to cook in my mom's big spacious kitchen. This teensy apt. cooking is for the birds.

I hope that whatever you eat this holiday season, you enjoy it with wonderful friends, family, and those you love. Travel safe, and stay warm and cozy wherever you are!


  1. Cute should send that as a Christmas card!
    All the food sounds lovely...


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