What A Dive

Sometimes you don't need ambiance. Sometimes you don't need a six page wine list. Sometimes you don't need small plates drizzled with some kind of prettified infused reduction sauce.

Sometimes you just want a beer. Or four. Plus food. Like a burger, maybe? And accompanied by something nice and fried - tater tots, perhaps?

Well friends, thanks to pal I.J., I found just what's described above - something that can only be called "A Dive Bar." Silver Spring's Quarry House - Monday Nights. A bevy of normal folks pack the place to enjoy half-priced burgers, dollars off all beers during Happy Hour. Happy indeed!

You know you're headed somewhere special when you take to the grungy stairs heading down to a 70-year old basement space under an Indian restaurant on Georgia Ave. Johnny Cash is on the jukebox and strings of colored lights and dimly lit sconces provide just enough light to make out the menu.

The beer list is impressive - they even offer Orkney Skull Splitter from Scotland! The tots are crisp and tasty and the burgers...yum. I would rather have a burger from QH than the overly-hyped and pricey Good Stuff Eatery or the ubiquitous Five Guys any day - good quality meat, an extensive list of toppings, substantial cheese, and steaming hot when it arrives. YUM.

I enjoyed a bottle of Flying Dog Tire Bite Golden Ale and a 1/3 lb. burger with Swiss, bacon and BBQ sauce, and soon enough, the woes and weariness of Monday eased away, and all was right with the world.

The simplicity of Quarry House's website says it all - when you're 70 and you're keeping it real with burgers, beer and tots, there's not a lot of need for any fancy flourish. Just good eats and drinks on the cheap, and for the DC area, that's saying something.

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  1. I had forgotten that you all kept a blog - but Beth linked up to it on hers not that long ago, so stumbled upon it again today! I normally just cyber-stalk quietly, but because Orkney is where we got engaged, I had to comment on this post :) Hope you are both well!!


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