T-Minus One Day 'til Turkey Day

One little day until Thanksgiving! I should be working on well, work, but in my mind I'm going over the recipes I've culled, the lists I have made, the ingredients taking up space in the fridge and pantry, and wondering a little too obsessively if I have left anything out.

It seems to be all there...canned pumpkin, whole cranberries, a big-ass turkey breast, a bundle of fresh sage, and so forth and so on. My game plan starts this evening - printing out all my recipes, baking the pie and the cornbread so I can make the stuffing tomorrow, and fixing the fresh cranberry sauce so that's one less thing to do tomorrow. I thought about chopping some veggies, but I think they may discolor a little if I do it too early.

And the star of the show...the Gobbler. I need to do a little research on the recipe I selected and see if I need to rub it with seasonings the night before or marinate it or...yeah. I am kind of clueless about that big hunk of poultry in my fridge. Hopefully Google will tell me what to do, right?

So focused on the big meal was I that the idea of eating lunch tomorrow completely escaped me, so I am scrambling to figure out what to have on hand for Scott, myself, and our two wonderful guests, L&R. So far, we will have the booze (Scott's on that errand this eve.) I also have mixed nuts and hummus and crackers for snacks. I'm considering a soup and sandwich lunch, maybe? Something light!

I'm hitting the Safeway near my office today during my lunch break - it seems smarter to do that rather than hit up the Giant near my house later this evening. I feel like that would be a big cluster of people frantically picking up last-minute cranberry sauce and stuffing, and I do not want to be there. I'd rather be smelling my pie baking away, with a glass of Pinot in my hand. :-)

Hope everyone who's cooking this week finds great success, and if you're not, be sure kiss the cook who feeds you!


  1. I suggest grilled cheese and tomato soup with a side of fruit for lunch. :)

    Happy thanksgiving to the Adams'!


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