Sticker Shock

It's surreal, y'all - Scott and I are now a one car household! What the what!

It all came down to money - we want to save more of it. No we will have waaaaay less of an insane car insurance premium and I now have no car payment. Also, we longer will suffer the embarrassment of being car twins. We went from double Matrices to ein silver Matrix.

I've always driven Toyotas, so I always gave my cars Japanese names - Yoko for my old green Camry, and Yoshi for my recently departed blue Matrix. Scott's not a fan of nicknaming his - I mean, OUR, silver Matrix - so when I pressed him for suggestions, he came up with...Momo, Japanese for peach. I kind of love it. What do you think? The other was a non-Japanese moniker - Dot, as in Dot Matrix. Kinda ridiculous, yes?

I think we're going with Momo.

Sidenote: To celebrate our newfound one-car-ness, we hit up Sardi's, our favorite Peruvian charcoal chicken joint in the area (so far.) Their churasco de pollo will cure what ails you. Love, love love it!

Side note to the side note - we tried out the famed Pollo de Rico over the weekend - also a Peruvian chicken joint, endorsed by our fave bastard chef/author/TV show host Anthony Bourdain. Located "in the ass end of the universe," as Bourdain aptly says, it's an Arlington, Va. institution. We thought it was...okay, for marinated chicken and plain ol' steak fries and ehhhh slaw. No caramelized plantains, yummy green beans, fried yuca, or spicy and luscious churasco de pollo as Sardi's delivers. Just chicken and fries. Mr. Bourdain, and all the DC metro area acolytes of Pollo de Rico, you're loco. Ditch Arlington and come to Beltsville, Md. for finger lickin' chicken!

Anyway, the crux of this post all comes down to this - saying goodbye to one hell of a bumper sticker, one that I believe has earned me maybe a few stare downs and more than a few quizzical remarks. I ripped it to shreds getting it off the rear windshield.

Check it out:

Purchased from the Southern Foodways Alliance, it was the best statement I ever declared on an automobile - even the "Bad Cop, No Donut" or "Farfrompuken" ones my mom made me remove from my car in high school as she knew it would incite the police to pull over and ticket my insolent teenage tail.

Scott says he may buy another one for me and put it on his car. Now that's sweet & Southern true love.