Pittsburgh or Bust

Scott and I are finally doing what we've always talked about - making it to Pittsburgh for the All-Clad Factory Sale.

Yes, we are willing to drive 5+ hours after work on Friday to make it to Saturday morning's early bird sale, where select seconds of All-Clad cookware will be approximately 60 percent off.

Yes, we are tremendously cheap dorks.

Supposedly this is a BIG deal that only happens twice a year. There are groups on Meetup.com organizing field trips to this sale, and our Nashville blogger friend Lannae recommended it to us. We figure we might as well invest in some solid, well-made and long-lasting pieces instead of the nonstick Target-brand stuff we started out with as amateurs. Okay, maybe we're still amateurs, but we're pretty fair bargain hunters.

While we are there, Scott's researched all kinds of historic and city-planning related stuff for us to do. I just want to stay warm if possible (they're calling for the s-word - I can't even type it, but you know what I mean - the cold, powdery stuff!) and I'm hoping some of Pittsburgh still looks like the set of The Deer Hunter - that's pretty much my only reference point for the city.

Scott claims he's heard there's a good Hungarian spot, and the Primanti Brothers are apparently legendary with their sandwich that includes french fries stuffed between the bread slices. I just want to come back with beautiful heirloom cookware and not five extra pounds of girth. I think I'll leave that french fry sandwich to my better half.

If you're familiar with Pittsburgh (or "Shitsburgh" as the eloquent actress Sienna Miller once called it in an interview with Rolling Stone), let us know what's best to check out and nibble on in the fair city.


  1. Yay Pittsburgh!! I think it's a great city, what an unfair nickname.

    There is a *fabulous* Thai restaurant in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood called ?? I can't remember but I'll have my better half text it to you. It is soo awesome.

    Also you should check out the view of the City from Mt. Washington - very pretty.

    Enjoy your trip and I'm very jealous of your new cookware!

  2. I had a pretty good time in Pittsburgh for a night. We stayed on the Waterfront and played pool at a local dive bar.

    As far as the cookware- get it girl!! If you see a glass top that would fit this size pot would you pick it up for me? I'll getchu back. It was the one T-day travesty.


    Have fun!


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