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Over The Leftovers

Food emergency - I am officially out of Tupperware, glass jars, and any other method to store foods safely and soundly!

My fridge is a maze of random Thanksgiving this and that - search for the milk and you might topple over the turkey remnants. Hunting for cheese? You'll need to look past the takeout container of pizza, a hastily wrapped bowl of hummus, and a basketball-sized amount of stuffing that is - yes - stuffed into the largest container we own.

What's wild is that I have never been a fan of leftovers. Call me a Freshness Freak, but I grew up in a house where weeks-old glazed carrots formed a furry vest in the fridge before they would be removed. My mother is no slob, but she had a certain disregard for freshness - and she still does, as my gift (as a joke, but not really) to her last Christmas was to organize both her pantry and her fridge.

I like hot, fresh foods - there's just something dirty and a little gross about trying to reheat three-day old green beans or rice.

I'm already getting that panicked feeling - like the leftovers are a ticking bomb ready to go off, and we have to consume them IMMEDIATELY, or out they should go. I have no problems trashing massive amounts of food if I suspect they may be past their prime. I'm talking sheer days here - two, or three. Guidelines suggest four days is the max for leftover foods. And look - it's four days past Thanksgiving, folks.


  1. I am so over leftovers too... I had my last turkey sandwich yesterday for lunch and was like, ok... enough is enough!


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