Friday Shout Out: Talking Turkey

If your Google Reader looks anything like mine lately, all you see is post after post after post on Thanksgiving recipes - what's hot, what's not, and what's just ridiculous - yes, I'm talking about you, Thanksgiving Turkey Cake!


So, while such a delight will NOT make it to my wee little kitchen/dining room table this year, or any year for that matter (though it is a time saver, you know, when you just can't be bothered with all the courses and the dirty dishes), I do have a plan.

It involves a turkey breast, not the whole freakin' bird, as I will cook for four, not an Army. It includes a pumpkin pie - with a twist - a recipe from way down in Caldwell County, NC - a congregation member of one of my dad's first churches who had a way with pies.

Also making an appearance - homemade gravy, cornbread stuffing per Scott's request, some green things like roasted veggies, green beans, and maybe a salad (can't get too healthy now, can we?), and some Parker House rolls (or maybe Sister Schubert's) 'cause as handy as I may seem, this meal is not the time to "try something" and then make totally sucky bread.

C'mon now...that trick is for amateurs, which yes I am when it comes to Thanksgiving meals, but my mama didn't raise no fool, y'all. There will also be Cran in a Can ( I can't help it...I love the ridges from the can on my cranberry sauce!) and a homemade version.

Anything else I may leave out, well, it's not as if it's needed. Oh yes, the booze. How could I forget? It's not a holiday without the hooch.

On that note, TGIF.


  1. YUUUMMMMMM...can't wait!

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  4. Damn that is the nastiest looking pie EVER. I love how when I scrolled past the image I was thinking "sick" and there it was! Hilarious. I hope you and yours have a fabulous Turkey Day!


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