Friday Shout Out: Cold Oven Pound Cake

This one's for my Grandmother Carrie, who died last Friday at age 93.

My grandmother wasn't flashy or overly free with her affections, but she was a woman of strong faith and well, she baked one hell of a pound cake.

It's not just any ol' pound cake - it's a Cold Oven cake, made by putting the cake pan in a non-preheated oven to bake.

I'm in the process of tracking her recipe down from one of my cousins, so for now, here's a similar one that you might find enjoyable. It makes for one of the most moist cakes I know of and results in a nice crust on top, too. She didn't add flavorings like almond or chocolate, but I am sure you could if you wanted that little something extra. I find that would be like gilding the lily, however.

Sometimes a simple pound cake can do so much - it brought our family a lot of joy and pleasure to rave over during holidays and special occasions, and now, it's a legacy - a token of a woman who's left us, but is still in our hearts and minds.

Love those you treasure today, and enjoy something tasty this weekend!


  1. sorry to hear about Grandmother Carrie. I look forward to celebrating her life with a slice of her famous Cold Oven Pound Cake with you!

  2. What a lovely tribute.

    Enjoy your Grandmother's recipe :) How very special you are able to keep this part of her with you.


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