Squished and Squashed

Scott and I picked up a few spaghetti squash at the farm stand where we picked apples this weekend.

Lovely. Only one little thing: I've never cooked one. I hear you can scrape out the cooked strand-like flesh and use it just like you would pasta, which sounds wonderful and healthy and so very fall season-y.

Anyone have tips on how to use this veggie posing as a carb?


  1. Did you know squash is actually a fruit? It's true!

    I made my last spaghetti squash with an "alfredo" sauce made of laughing cow cheese, skim milk, butter, parmesan and red pepper flakes.

  2. I like to cut mine into chunks and back it like potatoes. :)

  3. I may try it out tonight - company is coming and I need a sidedish to serve with black bean chilaquiles. Maybe sprinkled with some cumin, salt and pepper?


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