Spaghetti Squash FAIL

So last week I tried something new - the spaghetti squash I picked up from the apple-pickin' farm (post on that coming's been a full weekend and I realize I didn't even do a Friday Shout Out last bad, dogs, my bad. No I did NOT just type that.)

I cut both squash in half, slithered out the slimy bits and seeds, and microwaved them for about 10 minutes. I shredded out the flesh, which really did look similar to pasta in texture - maybe an orange-like cellophane noodle? - and as I was doing the Mexican casserole dish I love from the Moosewood I gave the noodles some cumin, cayenne and salt and pepper sprinkling, and a little buttah.

Welllllllllllllll.... those "noodles" were rather mushy, and a little too sweet for my tastebuds that evening. I perhaps overnuked them in the microwave? Or just don't know how to massage them and give them their best treatment.

Any ideas are recommended, as I like the idea of a fall veggie that could replace the carby noodles I tend to crave in cold weather.