In West Philadelphia, Born & Raised...

Yes, I have the Fresh Prince theme running through my head...we're headed to PHILLY this weekend with Scott's dad and sister to explore what the City of Brotherly Love has to offer, besides dubious cheese steak distinctions. (Cheez Whiz on bread isn't exactly a culinary adventure, I realize.)

The only things I know about Philly I learned from watching some Boyz II Men videos back in the day. Yeah, that's not much.

One foodie friend has made some excellent suggestions, but I thought I'd pose the question to any other readers out there. Got any Must-Dos in Philadelphia for HTT?


  1. Check out Reading Terminal Market,
    51 North 12th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

    Great place to cruise around and grab some lunch. Really fun. We were down there shooting a show for the Food Network and it was first stop for us.

  2. In case you haven't heard already - check out these places in South Philly, too!
    - Italian Market area (9th St)
    - Geno's and Pat's (rival cheesesteak palaces)
    - South Street (fun, hip street)

  3. Thanks for the hints, Abby and Jim. I will be sure to put those on our list and Scott the map man will make sure we head in the right and tasty direction!

  4. Oh, I will say that I cut my work-life teeth in Phila for 10 yeas, and I love Phila and the grit it has to offer. My suggestions are Reading Terminal Market, Chestnut Hill Farmer's Market, and Yelp up some South Phila Italian. Sangkee for roasted duck (not peking) cash only business for the best fatty roasted duck ever. Honestly, Jim's cheesesteak on South St is the place to go to try a cheesesteak once, but it is about the epxerience not the cuisine. Or, at 3 am, it is Pats or Genos in S. Phila. There is Morimotos and Budakan, to fab restuarants. Also, they change a lot but in West Phila near Penn say 40th and Chestnut, there are always great cafe's and coffee to be had. At one time there was a vegetarian Thai place near Penn that I loved and still believe is the best American Thai food ever.

    I would go take time at the Phila Museum of Art (the nation's 1st art museum) and the Rodin Museum in front of PhilaMA (the only Rodin Museum outside of France). Oh, and creepy for the season go to the Mutter Museum. I would also go to the Phila Mint (early if during the week) and you are not allowed to bring phones, cameras or any other electronics into the Mint, and there are no lockers in there either. There is the National Archives in Phila too. Constitution Hall and the Liberty Bell for sure, and the dig for George Washington artifacts near Constitution Hall. A day trip to Washington's Crossing in north of Phila is a nice colonial town with cute shops. Also, I would go take a day trip to Valley Forge National Park, Fabulous to walk (miles) on a nice day. Also, while out in VF, go to the King of Prussia mall, the most shops under 1 roof. Also heading out to the West 'burbs on Chestnut that eventually turns into Lincoln HWY (the 1st USA HWY) you can go to where Grace Kelly is fron Bryn Mawr and Ardmore, great little towns to window shop.

    Bon Voyage!!! Have fun! I love Phila for all its dirt, crime, and hostile ways. But, it is a city that has a lot to offer if you can look beyond those things.

  5. Oh, and thanks for commenting on Maui! I really want to go back to Maui! I love it there!


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