Friday Shout Out: I Want Candy

T to the G to the I to the F. It's not only Friday, but the cusp of Halloween weekend! I just can't stand it, I'm so excited (but not in a bad Saved By The Bell kind of way).

My workplace has a big cauldron of candy - I chose a big Lemonhead ball and a Fireball that I'm presently enjoying - and it's making me wonder - what's the best Halloween treat?

Candy Corn?
Er, no.

Smarties? Those are always the cheap and popular option. How about Fun size Snickers? Now I can dig those.

Personally, I was always a fan of the big red wax lips that occasionally some cool person might dole out to the kiddies now and then. Man, I wish I could find some. They are too fun!

Whatever you wind up nibbling on - be it high fructose-laden or fair trade/organic or even boxes of Nature's Candy, I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween weekend. We're headed back to Nashville to visit friends, see an Avett Brothers show at the Ryman tomorrow night, and tonight - the party is on with a "Bring your favorite shot" theme. Scary indeed - let's stay hydrated and safe!


  1. Aw no candy corn hate for me.

  2. Ew KG I am surprised at you!

  3. Every Halloween Boulder deals with the controversy of whether or not to arrest or cite the naked pumpkin runners who streak down Pearl St. wearing only pumpkins on their heads...and comfortable running shoes!
    Pictures at 11.....


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