Bitesized: All I Wanna Do (And Eat)

Once I thought I should maybe convert to Tumblr as it seemed like the cool blogging thing to do, then I realized I can get a little wordy now and then and Tumblr isn't exactly great for long form diatribes on the evils of Little Debbie snack cakes or the awful crab we had in Chinatown.

So. No Tumblr, but that doesn't mean I can't give you teensy little blog posts on random stuff, as always. Today I present to you the little bites of this and that floating around in my mind.

A - There are pretty pumpkins growing in my 'hoods communal garden, and I think roasted pumpkin seeds need to be on the agenda. It is October, the best of the autumnal months, n'est pas?

B - I have an urge to make my own energy/granola bars, as my energy has been flagging now for a while and I like bars of all kinds (not just the drinky-drinky speakeasy kind, but these). A recipe I have at home looks simple enough - we shall soon see!

C - Soups. Though yesterday's weather of the 80 degree variety was unwelcome and a little unfair now that I am sweatily slogging my way walking home to the nearest Metro station and back, I'm ready for soups. Minestrone and beef stew, specifically. It's on, just as soon as I don't have to mop my forehead and check for pit stains after my walks. Ew. I just grossed myself out.


  1. A) Totally, I heart pumpkin seeds
    B) My aunt Debbie makes home made granola, I'll get her recipe it's tasty
    C) While on the expensive side, there's this little ole lady at Eastern Market who makes THE BEST Lentil Soup. It comes in a mason jar with all natural ingredients. I be you could easily make her recipe just by buying a jar and copying the list from off the jar. It has chicken sausage in it. MMMM. Makes me ready for some chili!


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