We've Got It Made: Pesto

I introduce to you our new segment, "We've Got It Made." I know, right - cheesy yet oh-so-catchy. You may now roll your eyes, and continue reading, thanks.

It's..wow...almost October, and while the last of the warm weather temps are fleeting and fading, we noticed our basil plants in our communal neighborhood garden are doing the same.

Scott and I wanted to take advantage of the lovely herbs while they're still present and accounted for, so on Saturday night after a full afternoon of kayaking up and down the Potomac River, we set out to make pesto.

Scott inspected the plants.

And picked and picked and picked - two cups worth!

I checked out the huge-ass pumpkins growing in the garden.

And mourned the sad decline of beautiful sunflowers.

Once inside, we combined forces to blend the basil, garlic, grated Parmesan cheese, pine nuts and olive oil, using the ever-handy The Joy Of Cooking's recipe.

Indeed a joy. Yum.

I boiled some fettuccine regate noodles (they're flat, yet ridged - a Scott discovery) and sauteed chopped onion, cubed zucchini and red pepper, and Italian sausage, Using some of the pasta cooking water, I made a little sauce with the pesto and the cooking liquid. Mixed all the above, and voila - a homemade pesto dish!

And that's how we've got it made!


  1. Next time you make this yummy pesto dish PLEASE call me and I will fly up for the delicious-ness!!
    I love fresh pesto...kudos to you!!!
    Mama L

  2. Love the new feature and the new look!

    Great dish too, might have to copy you!

  3. And, good on you for adding photos!!
    Those creative film-making genetics are shining through!!
    Proud Mom


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