Tea For Two

What did I have two, no....make that THREE, cups of today? It wasn't gravy, or Coca Cola, or Bourbon, or Cranberry Juice. It was TEA, wonderful tea.

Ever since I was younger, tea has been a pleasure to enjoy, both hot or cold, sweet or unsweetened, as long as it's not adulterated as that Fruit Tea business you know I can't get behind, or Jasmine (too much like drinking Potpourri water to me). But - Japanese Green Tea, English style, Chai, Thai Iced - it's all pretty much marvelous to me.

Luckily, Scott shares my love of tea. We jokingly have "tea and book time" (in bed too, but I swear, it's totally PG-13 rated) as our British alter-egos Russell and Margaret -- our first names, as we both go by our middles. Ol' Russ and Mags are just simple homebodies who like scones, a spot of tea, a good historical novel or quaint little series on the Public Television station, and a nice gentle rainy afternoon. Or something like that. Can you tell we've really thought this out?

So, as I digress (my bad, my bad).... we like the tea. So it was no surprise (or WAS it? *eyebrows thoroughly arched*) that Scott took me to Charleston Tea Plantation for my birthday. This is the ONLY tea grown in the U.S., folks, AND their tea is used to make Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka.
(Cool sidenote: Sweet Tea, the theme song on the Firefly web site, is by none other than Scott's cousins Whitt and Jim and their band, The Bushels. Look 'em up!)

Located on Wadmalaw Island south of Charleston, it's a gorgeous 120+ acres of Lowcountry

With thousands of tea plants...

And huge trees with Spanish Moss draped so languidly in their branches.

We took both the trolley tour and the factory tour. The trolley was a fun way to see a LOT of acreage.

Scott liked the tractor they call the "Green Giant."

I liked this sign.

On the way home, we stopped at the Angel Oak Tree, per the advice of our friend Shaloot. It was absolutely MASSIVE. Even Handsome Tall Blond Man looks teensy in its wake!

That is one BIG ASS tree - it covers 17,100 square feet of ground.

Scott and I have visited the Charleston area now for about eight years - it was there in April 2002 where we decided we kinda sorta liked each other a lot and had that major dating discussion every semi-serious couple will have where the awkward/amazing "L" word comes up. Yep, the L-Bomb was dropped in Charleston, SC. So, it's a special place for us, not to mention we married there too.

This trip was really fun because we branched out (no pun intended) and visited new places. Big thanks to Scott for thinking this one up - you are always just my cup of tea! (Ok, pun intentional, and wow, it was cheesy, but so worth it!)


  1. Looks like a fun side trip from a busy, HOT weekend.
    Thinking of you both.

  2. The Charleston Tea Plantation is one of my favorite things about living in Charleston. If you get a chance, you should come back next spring for the annual First Flush Tea Festival. There's free tea and music all day. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming to all ages.

  3. Sounds like an AMAZING birthday, Erin! So glad to see 30 is gonna be your year ;)

  4. So Beth got me an electric kettle that heats up water super fast, so that I can enjoy tea in the evenings! It takes me back to when I was growing up that around 5pm it was "tea time" where my family would all have a cuppa plus some cookies. Beth got a feel for it this past trip to India, and I love that I can get back into it now!
    and nice to read you liked the tree!

  5. Thanks! This was a fun excursion, and a great way to start out my third decade!!

    Kat, I have heard of First Flush. I just love the name, and who can resist free tea?!

    Shaloot, a cuppa is always nice, especially with sweets and your sweetie. Glad to hear you'll put the kettle to use. We have an old school one that whistles loud as hell.


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