Let Him Eat Cake (And Her, Too)

This should really a postscript to my post from September 14, the day o' my good husband's 32nd year of birth, but sometimes it's hard to post photos as events are occurring and then time flies by, and any who.....

Behold the cake I baked for that special day:

Those pellet/poop-like things forming the numbers are Ocean Spray Craisins. How resourceful/scatological am I?!?

The recipe comes from my new-ish cookbook The Healthy Hedonist - the Naked Carrot Cake. It contains the oh-so-nutritious oat flour plus four cups of grated carrots (Oy. That was a lot of tedious grating, let me tell you), and other stuff that makes cake so awesome - vanilla, brown sugar, eggs, spices of nutmeg, cinnamon, all spice, etc.

Only I didn't want it to be so nekkid, cause frosting, when done well and not all grocery-store lard-ish, is marvelous, mmmkay?

SO, I doctored it up with The Joy of Cooking's Cream Cheese Frosting, and substituted the lower-in-fat and hard-to-pronounce Neufch√Ętel cheese for the regular kind, so as to not feel too guilty for smearing sweet dairy yum yums all over a perfectly tasty "health food" kind of cake.

Someone asked me recently if Scott loves carrot cake. Well, he does now. :-)