If you're anywhere near Nashville, check out these cooking classes

Check this out! Our friends Eleni (a-lane-ee) and Joelle own Savor the Flavor catering and have started offering cooking classes. If their Facebook link shows up correctly, you get to see people cooking things from sushi to Italian to Greek (Eleni's family is Greek, so she's got special insight into ingredients and cooking methods for Greek cuisine).

Way to go Eleni and Joelle - you're making better cooks of all of us!


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Scott! People are LOVING the cooking classes, and so are we. We tailor each class to the individual's tastes and techniques he or she wishes to learn. They really enjoy this aspect because no one else in town offers classes this way. They spend 2-3hrs with just us, chefs, learning new things, and sip on their favorite adult beverage, if they are so inclined. A great time to be had, indeed!


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