Friday Shout Out: Weetawhaaaaat?

Lately my breakfast of raw oats, sliced banana, Craisins, crushed walnuts or almonds, and other whole-foody types of things in a bowl, swimming in milk, hasn't really done it for me.

It's healthy. Hearty. But kinda...uninspired. I told Scott this while we were shopping on Tuesday evening and he instantly and enthusiastically replied with "Weetabix!"

Now I consider myself fairly cultured, so I'm relatively familiar with Weetabix - that funny little brick-shaped cereal. Every food culture has a funny little packaged food item. Much like the Aussies' Vegemite, the American Spam, and the Italian's Nutella, Weetabix is specialness, commerically contained.

Or so I thought. We bought a box, I opened it on Wednesday morning, removed a couple "biscuits" from one of the plastic sleeves, and put them in a bowl with my usual banana and nuts. I sloshed some milk in there and made myself a cup of coffee.

In the time that I poured the coffee and added milk, then stirred the cup of coffee, my bowl of breakfast turned into total cold porridge! Those flaky Wheetabix melted into a sludgy mess of...ugh. It was bad - it tasted like what I imagine instant potato flakes would be like if you went heavy on flakes, light on milk.

This morning I tried eating a Weetabix with my usual 10:45am yogurt break (yes, I have one of those. I indeed am one of those people who need a schedule. Much like a small child. Oh well.) and it didn't go any better.

The ad on the box above recommends you "Give it a Go!" Well, I gave, and it went. There's that. Thanks a bloody lot, Weetabix.

SO. What do you have for breakfast each morning? Or are you one of those nutty people who don't eat breakfast? I don't get that. If I don't eat breakfast foods of some kind when I wake up, I'm liable to commit random acts of manslaughter by 9:30 a.m., guaranteed. I get a little...let's just say the term Scott uses for "an unpleasant woman" is apt.

Breakfast ideas. Let's banter.


  1. I too am a "must have breakfast" girl. Lately I've been finding morning love with low fat waffles schmered with half a serving (1 tbs) almond/peanut butter, touch of honey and whatever fruit is at home... berries usually as they are oh so delicious. If you want to stick with yogurt, spread yogurt on the waffles instead of nut butter... but be warned it's just not quite as filling for as long as the protein kick you get from PB. Happy eating!

  2. Oh, p.s. I tried that Weetacrap and was equally unimpressed. I'll take my Barbara's Puffins thank you very much.

  3. Good to know I'm not the only one who things Wheetabix bites!

    Maybe I should try the waffle approach...I do love me some PB, too. I want to expiriment with nut butters - and supposedly coconut butter (in moderation) is INCREDIBLE. If it wasn't $15 per jar, I might get up on that.

  4. I have been struggling with the worst breakfast rut EVAH! It's a pitiful rotation of yogurt, oatmeal, crackers (?) and the always present staple of a banana. Granted I eat breakfast M-F at work, so it needs to be something portable that requires minimal effort. But some days I seriously contemplate inflicting bodily harm if I have to eat the same $%&# thing again. Then hunger takes over and I eat it anyway.

    What's a working gal, who doesn't like eggs, wants to be healthy and always oversleeps to do? Oy vey :(

  5. I've done pre-made breakfast burritos before. Sunday night I would mix up a batch of scrambled eggs, soy sausage, cheese (and anything else you want) and fill whole wheat tortillas with it. Top with salsa and roll 'em up in aluminum foil.


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