Friday Shout Out: Men Who Cook

Ladies (and dudes who read food blogs), the old cliche truly is correct: A good man is hard to find.

Scott says he plans on posting here soon and I know that's true because he took photos last night of the evidence of his hard work in the kitchen (and a bad shot of me blending and cursing my over-salted hummus, but that's for another time). This blog needs to hear from the male counterpart of HTT, for real.

Weary and ready for a glass of wine/foot rub/warm bath/instant transport to a Caribbean island/or whatever was most convenient and stress-reducing at the time, I came home to find my husband in the kitchen, trimming ends off of green beans and meat marinating in the fridge. Sweet! He was chopping sweet potatoes into wedges for roasting. Even sweeter!

People, it's never good to have the women of the world always working to provide tasty eats. We work too, dammit, and it's hard coming home and settling right in to Domestic Goddess mode where we prepare yummy yet also nutritious home cooked meals.

Men need that opportunity, too. There's nothing sexier than a man making a meal. If there is, is doesn't belong in detail on a flippin' food blog.

So, guys who get in there and chop, grate, grill, broil, saute and maybe even bake - I salute you, and I know my female counterparts also appreciate your interest and participation in the culinary arts.

Now get in there and make something good! And bring me a cold one.

Happy Friday, y'all. The weather is supposed to be an utter delight this weekend, and we've got dinner and drinks plans tonight with some friends to celebrate our impending birthdays - we like to do week long celebrations if we can get away with it! Roll out the birthday banner! (Yet another post for another time.)

T to the G to the I to the F!


  1. And I thought there was nothing sexier than a man and his reel mower.

  2. How about a man vacuuming, mopping floors, doing dishes, cleaning bathrooms, watering the plants and scooping the cat litter??! ;)
    (but I do need to step up from just "making" frozen pizza...)

  3. Um yeah, FroPizza is not a meal. I know you have the kitchen skillz!!!

    And yes, a man who mows the lawn in an enivronmentally friendly way is waaaay sexy.

  4. I admit, Kev is a better cook than I am, lol! It's awesome!


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