Who Gives A Fig?

I'm a little obsessed with a fruit I have never eaten. Well, unless you count Fig Newtons, and what the hell is in those things, anyway?

Yeah, I want a fig. A couple, actually. I hear they're amazing poached, broiled, sauteed, etc. -- a lovely fruit. I hear they pair well with goat cheese, mascarpone, and other dairy delights.

Besides their natural beauty, I think it's the allure of the forbidden fruit, their limited access - - they're uncommon, rarely seen in a grocery store except in the dried form and Newton-ized. They seem like one of those simple yet decadent foods - like honey and pomegranates and wine and fresh-baked, warm bread. I think this sounds like heaven.

How do I track down some figs?


  1. Hey! Figs are available at fancy stores like Whole Foods. I haven't seen too many elsewhere. They are HEAVEN! You must keep them in the fridge or eat them fast as because they are so moist, they decompose fast. I would also suggest using them as a stuffing for pork loin - sauteed lightly with with apples, balsamic, brown sugar, a touch of spicy mustard and olive oil.


    Serve with a spinach, left over apple, walnut and feta salad and roasted mustard potatoes... drool!

  2. I have no idea where to get a fig, but I've had bacon wrapped figs at parties before - usually served in a crockpot with some sort of saucy sauce. DELISH!

  3. Fancy stores like Whole Foods... I can't say where the closest one is to me. Silver Spring, maybe?

    The pork loin idea sounds amazing - as does anything with bacon. I sense a theme here...

    Thanks for the ideas, ladies!


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