Minty Fresh

Oh, how I lurve you, mint.

You lend your refreshing, tingly herbal notes to many a fine thing: tea and tabbouleh, to name a few, and even the nostalgia of childhood, those Star Brights Mints my Grandmother Coxey used to keep in her candy dish. (I'd unwrap them and gobble them in secret, stuffing the plastic wrappers between the couch cushions. But nevermind that.)

Our mint plant is doing remarkably well, so I plan on using it as much as I can while it's alive and kickin.'

A great way to do so: a Rice Noodle salad with a Vietnamese lean. Yes, another Cooking Light recipe. I swear that cookbook is the best two dollars I ever spent!

I made this salad last night, using baked salmon in place of the tofu. It was fresh and light and a great departure from the usual Jasmine rice and veggie stir fry we usually eat. Scott's contribution was trekking out to gather some herbs from our mint plant, currently "squatting" with our neighbors' garden goodness (including the sunflowers that NO ONE is doing anything with. Come on - they are just asking for me to take them!) at a plot of land next door.

The mint made the dish. It's a great herb, I think. If I use it any more this summer, it may just surpass cilantro as My Favorite All-Time Herb.


  1. Mmmm!!! This here recipe calls for mint.

    I bet it would have been a banging addition to the dish I made last night too... black beans, fresh white corn, cucumber, white peach, avocado, red pepper. MMMM!

  2. Peach mixed with black beans? Well, I never.

    I have made that salad before! I loved the combo of the fruit with the cheese and the mint; I think Scott was ambivalent toward it at best.


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