It's A Wrap

I don't really love sandwiches. It's always mystified me that some people crave Subway or Quiznos, 'cause all Subways smell like burned rubber to me and most commercially made sandwiches use crappy pressed lunch meat that taste like poo and the bread is usually overly large and dry.

My one exception is a tomato sandwich in the summer, homemade, with soft white bread, or when in South Carolina, the almighty Captain Derst Bread, with some Duke's Mayo. (Speaking of which, new post coming soon re. a Duke's development. I know, get over it already.)

Wraps, however, are entirely a different story. I can get into those. Stuff them with good things like sprouts, cucumber slices, salad greens and more, and we have ourselves a deal. I recently hit up Phillips Cafe, right across the street from my office & offers my workplace a 5 percent discount. I discovered they will turn a BLT into a wrap - and you can do add ons for free. SO I got up on that today, with a spinach wrap and asked for alfalfa sprouts, cucumber and GUAC. Yums. So damn tasty and full of veggies.

I think I am in love - call it Wrapper's Delight.


  1. "Wrapper's Delight" Hilarious! My new fav over wraps? PITA! Love.It. The place near me that I go to when craving a sammie? Port of Piraeus, a little Greek spot that has a Vegetarian pita stuffed with a schmeer of hummus, lettuce, tomato, sweet peppers, cucumber, and vinegary pickles... umm, YUM!

    Though you're right, when it comes to a tomato sammie, nothing but bread will do.

  2. A good hard roll (aka, kaiser bun) is hard to find, but it's the best sandwich you'll ever have. I think it has a lot to do with the water. Hard rolls and bagels in New York are just inherently different than anywhere else. But pitas and wraps are the best for throwing left-overs and what-have-you's into and having a satisfying lunch. And pickles. Always pickles.

    p.s., "spooging" is the word verification for this comment; I feel wrong for pointing this out, but I feel wronged that it is even a possible word verification possibility.

  3. Ha...what a word.

    I don't really like rolls or hard bread, so I am unsure of this Kaiser business. I like breakfast breads like bagels, though.

    Pickles are always a must - love 'em on tuna sandwiches and burgers, especially.

  4. Some calls it a Kaiser bun, I call it a sling bun. Good with mustard.


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