Friday Shout Out: Life's A Total Beach

Just at the moment when both parties in HTT feel like they're crawling out of their skin and going insane in their membranes, a kind friend issues an invitation to their house share at Dewey Beach.

Thank you, dear friend. You know how to cure what ails us.

Aptly described by another friend as "Do Me Beach," it's quite the meat market/rowdy beach to which many in the DC Metro area flock. I visited for the first time in June and well, it's no Charleston or low key NC-style barrier isle, but the area does have its charms.

I'm thinkin' a crabcake somewhere in Rehobeth and a first-time trip for Scott to the Dogfish Head Brewery - I'm gonna get my Namaste on.

Grilled fish. Icy drinks. Dips in the water.

Come on, quittin' time!

Hope everyone enjoys this first weekend in August - how did it get to be August already?!