Friday Shout Out: Dangerously Delicious Pies

It's nearly the weekend, and I for one am just elated about that! Something about the past couple work weeks has me jonesing for some down time, with no computer screens to stare at or emails to answer.

So, weekends are made for fun, and pie.

Last weekend we enjoyed a visit from my old college roomie and friend Victoria. She's from Richmond, she's a Historic Preservation planner so she can do planner-speak with Scott all the time and she loves her historic stuff so she's fun to travel with and tour museums and noteworthy places, and she's a non-seafood eating vegetarian.

With three more food lovin' folks along - Jim, Gideon and Gideon's friend Jason, We visited Federal Hill, Baltimore's Cross Street Market for Nick's Seafood, so Victoria found a Mexican joint in the market, Pop's Tacos, run by Asians (just was unusual.)

Photo by Jim G.

Before I get to the pie excitement, let me say that though we didn't enjoy the oysters due to the funky health alert issued for MD raw seafood, the boys ordered a ton of seafood - clams, shrimp and a crab cake, and some great sushi, all washed down with the native Natty Boh brew - $2 bottles! It was tasty, but I held off and didn't eat too much, firstly b/c I am trying to pare down my fried food consumption and 'cause I knew what was coming up...PIE!

Dangerously Delicious Pies, which friend Jim instructed us to visit, was AMAZING. It was so hard to decide - apple or pear crumb, or key lime or perhaps chocolate chess? White Trash creme brulee, anyone?

The advantage of entering a pie shop with not one but SIX other people is that you are guaranteed lots of sampling, well, if your dining companions have manners and offer theirs to taste. Luckily we have met the right people - they know how to share, and wow, it was some good pie - definitely dangerous!

Photo by Jim G.

My slice of Mixed Berry with blueberry, strawberry, raspberry and blackberry fruit - real fruit - was warm and flaky and not too sweet. Perfect pie! In addition to the Federal Hill location, DC also sports a store in H street. Get you some.

Hope you find your own pie in the sky this weekend - have a great one!


  1. CUTE snap of you and Scott.
    ps--the pies are nice, too

  2. Thanks! Seafood and pie make us glow, what can I say?


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