Friday Shout Out: The Teaches Of Peaches

We're now in the throes of summer and one glorious aspect of this sultry season is to literally enjoy the fruits of its labor.

Melon, as I mentioned last week. Blueberries, God bless those little orbs of tasty goodness. And the crown jewel of the hot months, that fleshy, juicy and amazing round ball of lusciousness - the peach.

Being married to a Georgia boy who knows his peaches (not a euphemism, I swear), I learned that South Carolina is actually the top producer of the fuzzy fruit. Ever whizzed past Gaffney, SC on I-85? You will see their water tower that looks rather butt-shaped, but it's a peach.
This week an interesting discussion took place at the MARC train platform with my fellow commuters - the best way to eat a peach. One group just goes for the fruit, fuzzy skin and all. I'm on the other team - the peel and cut crowd.

It would never occur to me to eat the skin but hey, I've always been intrigued by passages in books where a character picks something off a tree or vine and delves into it, no washing or peeling necessary, and relishes every juicy bit. It does seem more natural in a way to just go for the fruit unadulterated, as is, without hesitation, unleashed, juice dripping down your arm and into the crook of your elbow. It's almost downright passionate.

Last night Scott and I purchased a few peaches at the farmers market across the street - maybe I'll give that other technique a try and just simply eat a peach.

Happy Friday, everyone. Have a juicy weekend!


  1. If you can get your hands on a donut (doughnut? I never know...) peach from a farmer's market, snap it up. Rinse it off, then just bite into the peachy goodness. Those things are nothing but a pit surrounded by sweet, juicy love and sunshine--skin and all.

  2. another roadside peach you can see while whizzing up US 41 from Evansville to Terre Haute:

  3. See what happens when you grow up with canned peaches? You just don't know how good the skin is! ;)


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