Fresh Blend

After our sinful weekend splurge, I determined that this week I would drag out everything chillin' in our crisper drawers and work on eating as fresh and healthy as possible.

I also apparently decided to use a blender for virtually every meal, and with the aid of a new-to-me $2 cookbook I found at Diversity Thrift (fabulous gay-owned thrift store in Richmond), Cooking Light Annual Recipes 2003.

Sunday eve I made Cocoa Fudge Cookies for Scott, so he won't have to go out and buy yucky dry boxed ones. These are somehow not that bad for you, so okay, I made them for me to occasionally enjoy as well. I subbed whole wheat flour for all purpose.

Last night I made my usual Moosewood cottage cheese-blended-with-greens-and basil-and-garlic sauce on bow tie pasta, with steamed zucchini and cherry tomatoes. I chased it with a slice of seedless watermelon. Yums.

I then got to work on blending some roasted red pepper gazpacho. The linked recipe is not the exact one I used, but similar. It's presently in residence in my fridge and I can't wait to enjoy it this evening . I plan on serving it with a salad and some crostini with white bean spread I made in the blender also.

Also on tap this week - a light version of a veggie satay with eggplant and zucchini, and stuffed peppers made with free range ground beef we bought at the incredible B-more Farmers Market.

I wish I had a real food processor at times, as a blender is limited and is hard to clean. But, such is life in a tiny kitchen. Multi-functional and minimal, people.

Coming soon: a photo of a multi-use kitchen tool I picked up in Colorado. Hint: It didn't cost a penny and is very "earth friendly."