Food-Related Shame

Just because I want to know this has happened to someone else before...

Ever made a disastrous food run?

Around 1pm today, I started craving something sweet and icy. Frozen yogurt came to mind, but there's not a place nearby. Ice cream? Too heavy. The Safeway store up the street seemed to be safe bet to find something in their freezer section, so I headed out, making a stop at the restroom beforehand.

I exited my office building, hanging a left out of the door, when I felt...a soft breeze. Puzzled, I looked down to see my dress hiked up on the left side and TUCKED in my underwear. Cursing, I quickly whipped the offending dress back into its proper place and, head cast down, moseyed on to my destination.

I'm pretty confident both people manning the front counter at work saw my backside sans coverage, as did some smokers who hang out near the front doors. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

What did I buy once I commenced the Walk of Shame? A $2.50 carton of Safeway brand fat free Lemon Sorbet, when what I really wanted was this 10 fat grams per serving lemon tastiness. Wish I could say it was worth it, but the Sorbet was syrupy sweet and not very luscious at all.


The new Haagen-Dazs line, Five, has me intrigued - only five ingredients - sugar, cream, milk, eggs, and fruit/tasty natural flavor. Can anyone vouch for it?

I hope to make some ice cream this Fabulous Fourth weekend - using my mint plant, this recipe, and my nifty ice cream ball.

Happy Almost Friday!


  1. Awww! Well, I didn't hear any reports of your butt on the Morning Edition, so I think you're safe. :)

    You know, that's funny, I have the same problem just giving in and buying ice cream sometimes. I mean, 300 calories and EIGHTEEN grams of fat? Just not worth it to me.

  2. Shelby, they opted to podcast it. ;-)

    Yeah, I am really trying to justify 75 percent of what I am eating these days!


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