Food on the Fourth

HTT had quite the holiday weekend, food-wise, and info is coming soon on that, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, give it up for this man at Moishes Kosher Bakery, serving up some ridiculously tasty rugalah.

Photo courtesy of Amy Blaszyk

My friend and co-worker Amy did a whirlwind trip to NYC over the weekend and brought back some goodies to share. They were like buttah! (Amy recently did a story for WAMU on the Twitter/food truck phenomenon around DC - check it out!)

Mazel Tov, y'all.


  1. Love everything about this post! And twitter/food trucks... I love them! I got my eye set on one in Cleveland (Korean fusion) the next time I am there. Anyway, enjoy your food trucks in the District! Blog and photograph!


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