Pardon the pause on posts here - Scott and I visited Colorado for a little spell this past weekend and we have a wealth of photos and good food/brews to blog about -- coming soon.

After a trip, it's always interesting to come home to find there's not much in the fridge or pantry to eat. I executed a small grocery run and well, I didn't purchase much for lunch. Somehow I got the idea to boil some eggs to take along with salads for a protein kick. My eggs came out fine, but I was extremely self-conscious about the odor of said eggs.

You know the egg smell. It's...special.

Most people at my office bring or buy lunch and eat at their desks, which is something I resisted for the first couple months at work. After spending time hangin' on my own at the dining hall tables upstairs, I started feeling very "odd girl out" a la a bad movie scene set in a high school cafeteria. Like Ally Sheedy's character in Breakfast Club, only without the dandruff issues (and better clothes).

So back with the cool kids I went, to my work area where everyone banters over their take out from Chinatown or turkey wraps. I don't like getting crumbs and smears of stuff on my desk and computer, and I could use a break from the keyboard and having to use my brain and and stuff, but at least there's camaraderie.

When I brought out the eggs, just opening the container with the unpeeled eggs sent a wafting of funk in my own cubicle, so I hurriedly walked to the kitchen down the hall to eat my eggs. There I was, sprinkling salt and pepper over two eggs, explaining to each person who walked in the kitchen why I was cowering in the kitchen and nibbling on boiled eggs.

Much to my surprise, one co-worker praised me a little, saying she wished more people were considerate with their food. Apparently the microwave down the hall, located right next to her office door, emits many smells that she doesn't care for. Ethnic food is very common with my colleagues, so there's always assertive smells of curry or Thai fish sauce or something strong - and even bacon now and then.

I don't bring too much strong-smelling food to the office. I know better than to bring leftover seafood - everyone is aware that's a no-no, right?

Are there any other "No you didn't" foods that should be banned from communal spaces?


  1. Man, my office folk bring lots of food to the office too... but for me, the smell isn't what gets me, but the co-worker who smacks when he eats. He sits art his desk, eating his salad or whatever and all I hear is SMACK SMACK, SMACK.... ARG! I don't know about you, but my Dad taught me to eat with my mouth closed.

  2. Yeah, lipsmacks, slurps, and too many crunchy noises going are a little distracting and sometimes kinda icky.

  3. I was always sensitive to, when does the movie start??!?


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