Big On The Pig

Let's just all acknowledge this for a second: barbecue is an art form. It takes time, effort, patience, and a lot of smoke, heat, and know-how to create the final masterpiece. Luckily, Scott and I were invited by a new friend to a 21-year gathering centered around the glory of pork in Cheverly, Md. last eve.

I figured it would be a casual deal so I made some blue cheese potato salad and prepared to eat some grilled meat. I had no idea that I was about to take part in quite the ceremonial affair.

Our hosts' home was decked out in pig paraphernalia - pig string lights, tin signs, porcelain figures, photos, framed note cards, and even a pig in a tree.

After the hosts and I chatted and they learned I was from North Carolina, instantly I had to ante up and confess my favorite regional style of 'cue in the Good Ol' North State. As I pledge allegiance to the Lexington style of pulled pork with a red ketchup and vinegar-based sauce, I was told that I should have been there last year for the pulled pork. This year they did ribs. I guess I would just have to accept that, but I have to say I was looking forward to the "real" BBQ I know and love.

The motto of the evening was "Eat, Drink, and Wallow"and that we did: Exhibit A, Scott's plate.

Ribs, beans, potato salad, and some of the best sliced tomatoes around from our very own Riverdale Park Farmers Market.

And then there was dessert:

Sweets included cannoli, chocolate oatmeal cookies, blueberry and peach cobblers, brownies, and (in the cup on the top left) a delectable Tangerine Basil sorbet! The recipe came from none other than Nashville, TN's own F. Scott's - the general manager there is our hosts' nephew.

The sorbet was the highlight for me - I had to have seconds!!! Supposedly they had to order tangerine juice from Italy on to make it, so I am going to try to track some down myself. So juicy and fruity and the basil was a nice herbal note to counteract the sweetness - just amazing!!!

All in all, it was a feast to remember. Next year: pulled pork. I hope I get an invite!


  1. "Goodness." You didn't say "goodness." That's a requirement for all truly modern food blogs.

  2. Goodness.
    There. :-)
    That word doesn't even begin to describe the pork.
    I try to branch out with my descriptive words - of course, there's always room for error with cliches.

  3. Great time, and fun description. I didn't realize the Nashville connection to the sorbet!


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