Weekends Were Made for This

Yes, it was hotter than two rats fornicating in a wool sock (one of my all-time favorite expressions, and that's the clean version) this weekend. Yet we couldn't let 90 pesky degrees get in the way of some good times, could we?

Naaaaah. We sucked it up and headed out for Alexandria and DC on Saturday, Baltimore on Sunday. In pictures I will demonstrate:

We met up with one of my best college buds Kellie visiting from Asheville and toodled around an old 1940s munitions factory that was converted into an arts center - the Torpedo Art Factory in Alexandria. Awesome artist-in-residence studios with views of the Potomac, with lots of pricey fun stuff to look at. One throwback:
An old-school soda machine.

When was the last time you saw these? Especially the Mountain Dew!

After a lovely time with Kellie, Scott and I decided to brave the National Mall and walk to Smithsonian's American History Museum. As luck would have it, one floor has Julia Child's kitchen on one wing and a transportation in America exhibit on the other wing, so it was a perfect match for the two of us!

Erin and Julia

I loved that Julia's husband Paul built her kitchen to suit her tall frame - all the counters and stove were raised to fit her! Something to consider when Scott and I have a kitchen of our own.

On Sunday, we tried to visit Laurel's Amish Market but apparently the Amish rest on the Holy Day (or something), as it was closed. Most farmers markets in DC seem to be too pricey or pretentious, so we aimed for Baltimore's, held every Sunday from 7 to noon under an overpass.

Yes, an overpass.

But to our amazement, it was PACKED with people and so many vendors selling not just yummy and affordable produce and food items, but also arts booths with jewelry, crafts and such. There was also a wide variety of food items cooked on site to snack on, like Vietnamese summer rolls (my choice), B-more style pit beef (Scott's), tamales, Jamaican Beef Patties, and more.

Bike-powered smoothie machines!

The pit beef on the, well, pit.

My favorite flowers.

One farmer's personal motto.

We loaded up on Bibb lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, blueberries, strawberries, yellow and green zucchini, Japanese eggplants, Swiss Chard, and Buffalo mozzerella. Luckily we brought a cooler to keep everything chilled and fresh for the short ride home. For real - this market kicks the ass of any market in or near DC.

Scott smiling and thinking, " This market kicks the ass of any market in or near DC."

The best part? Eating what we purchased!

Caprese salad of basil (from our porch!), tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. Drool.

All in all, a great weekend despite the hellish temps. We're sippin' iced tea and running the AC and strategically placed box fans - making do with quite a swampy climate here in the DC Metro Area. Hope everyone is doing well and having a tasty week thus far!
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  1. GREAT to see your tasty words and yummy photos.


  2. That farmers market looks awesome. Too bad that's not the one right by your house...they need to take some tips!
    Glad you are getting accustomed to the heat cause I'm gonna drag you out in it in something like NINE DAYS!

  3. YUM! I love the bike-powered smoothies! And don't you go knocking my U St. Market! ;)

  4. Thanks!
    I haven't been to U St. so I can't comment - wanna show me around sometime? Unless it has bike powered crepe makers or something, it's gonna be hard to beat B-more!

  5. Oh, what a great weekend!
    BTW, neither here nor there, but I just watered my 6x6 veggie bed, and guess what, it is starting to thunder storm. Every time is a charm!

  6. IS Scott rocking some new Vans in this post?

  7. Vans indeed...former skater boy has it goin' on.


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