Tour de Crab

A friend sent me this link today about the DC area's best crab cakes. Somehow I think I should totally take a day (or two) off and just visit them all in a whirlwind feast of crab goodness.

I do love me some crab. Right now I am fantasizing about a crab and avocado salad... I have never had one but I have seen many recipes for them and even on menus before and I never took the plunge. Something about the soft flaky crab meat joined with the cool and creamy avocado just seems decadent and absolutely wonderful. Methinks I need to make that happen. I am in the land of crab, yes?

Over the weekend I visited the Delaware coast and hung out in Dewey Beach (paaaaaarty on, man!) and Rehoboth (both family-friendly and a gay mecca). In Rehoboth I enjoyed a great crab crake at Claws Seafood House - not too bready, broiled instead of nasty fried, and plenty of substantial lump meat). We also lunched at Dogfish Head Brewing and Eats, where our incredibly witty waiter told us their crab cake was sub par. I did enjoy a roast beef sandwich with au jus that was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. And their beer is awesome! A friend and I shared a big ass bottle of Namaste flavored with orange and coriander that was so yummy I brought one home to share with Scott. And I don't even like beer that much cause it's so heavy and bloaty, but sometimes a cold one just hits the spot.

Our fridge is embarrassingly bare at the moment, save for some leftover cole slaw and a wrinkly container of blueberries, so I believe a shop is in order. Looking for fresh and healthy things to enjoy - and cooling ones at that. It's damn sticky outside! If you have any suggestions, send 'em my way.

Happy and Tasty Tuesday!


  1. Check this out:

    Remember... tomatoes and strawberries are right around the corner for freshness!


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