Splendid Greens

Amongst foodies who love public radio, Lynne Rossetto Kasper of The Splendid Table is kind of a rock star.

As a good friend noted, just her buttery voice coming across the airwaves can soothe you, and then she speaks of food - pasta, cheese, wine, herbs, veggies, baked goods - and even her words are manna from heaven.

She also has a spiffy cookbook called How to Eat Supper that I find to be one of the best cookbooks I've read. Lynne loves flexibility in the food she prepares, which I like also. Out of fresh buttermilk? Make do with a cup of regular milk mixed with some lemon juice. No zucchini in the crisper? Try yellow squash instead. Kale gone missing? Use spinach.

Last night I cooked dinner solo - and Lord knows I can eat some weird stuff when there's no husband around to protest, "But that's not a square meal." I had some wilting Swiss chard from the B-more market begging to be consumed, so I went straight to a LRK recipe that sounded just about perfect after a late evening workout.

Melting Greens is what LRK calls "a spring tonic" to cure what ails you - never mind it's summer here. Just go with it.

It's simple - water or broth, garlic, olive oil, five cups of greens, and anything you'd like to add in. I had some leftover Italian spice mix intended for mixing with olive oil for bread dipping that I tossed in the greens instead, and added a little cayenne since I was fresh out of red pepper flakes. The greens really do "melt down" and reduce - which is good considering my GI tract was a little nervous about all of that roughage! (Sorry. TMI, I suppose.)

I paired a bowl of greens with a slice of sourdough bread (from the Amish market we visited) with some majorly needing-to-be-used not-so-fresh-anymore mozzarella melted over, and a half tomato sprinkled with the almighty Adams Seasoning. It was simple and it was good.

Check out the cookbook. Eat some greens. Enjoy your Wednesday!


  1. One of my favorite ways to eat greens is to bake 'em. SOOO Simple:

    -Your choice of greens: Kale (traditional or red), Swiss Chard, Mustard, etc...
    -Olive Oil
    -Salt & Pepper
    -Red pepper flakes or choice of seasoning
    -garlic (optional)

    Bake at 350-400, depending on your oven.

    Take greens and tear the leaves into small pieces (removing the hard stem).

    Load into strainer and rinse thoroughly. While still in strainer, mix 2-3 caps of olive oil, s&p, and choice of seasoning throughout greens (I like to use my hand).

    Once coated but drained, spread evenly on a foil-lined baking sheet. Place in oven and cook for 15 minutes stirring every 5 minutes to get all greens under the heat.

    If you want them crisper, you can cook them longer and eat like chips! just be careful not to burn them...

    Eat and enjoy!

  2. I have heard of kale chips - will have to try!
    BTW I roasted brussel sprouts the other night and some of the outer leaves got loose and crisped up soooo wonderfully - screw fries or potato chips!!


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