Green Goddess, I Am

I have to give a shout-out to this amazing and oh-so-easy recipe that has saved my ass so many times when I've had basil, some pasta, and not much time or effort to devote to meal making.

After time got away from me and I realized it was 7:30 and both of the Hungry Times Two peeps had grumbly tummies, I whipped up this green goodness that features tons of spinach and wonderful fresh basil leaves, garlic, and a creamy base that isn't fatty at all - it's cottage cheese made smooth by a whirl in the blender. I used a teensy bit of pine nuts instead of walnuts and didn't have broccoli - I served it with a salad instead.

You can use this as a pasta topper, dip, sandwich spread, or just all around amazing condiment. Good lord, it's so good it feels sinful, but it's not. I know, another ridiculous Moosewood recipe from Erin but damn if they don't know what they are doing up there in Ithaca, N.Y. I'd love to visit sometime, though a friend and former newspaper co-worker claims they make a terrible vegan brownie.

I mean, really - a brownie sans all the goodness it's meant to have? I can't say that I blame him - no thanks on that. I'll stick with the real thing, and instead cheat on cream with the aforementioned cottage cheese trick.

Happy eating!


  1. One of my favorite cheese "tricks" is to use Friendship Dairies Farmer Cheese. It's can be like cream cheese or feta, depending on how you break it down or smear it out. It is SO low in everything and I love it.

    Try it out sometime as a cheat for pasta, salad or on a piece of raisin toast. Mmmm.


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