Friday Shout Out: Grills are Great

So it's really hot outside.

Our teensy apartment comes not with central air, as we have accustomed ourselves to, but with two window units - one in our bedroom and one in the living room area. Unfortunately, there is not a source of cooling for the kitchen, therefore cooking involves a lot of sweating, struggling, and, for me at least, a sailor's vocabulary of curse words.

It is real hot in there, mmmkay? So hot that I just want to commit right now to a summer of no-cook cereals and salads. However, man (and woman) cannot live by lettuce alone, so we're going to have to figure something out.

My first hunch is to secure a grill. Yes, we gave ours to a friend when we moved, which was hasty (both the move and the giving of the grill - sorry, KG, you know I love ya and I hope you're using that thing). We used to have a built-in gas grill at one of our many rentals in Nashville and then we bought a tiny tabletop-style charcoal grill that isn't amazing but it gets the job done.

I wish we could grill so A) the kitchen doesn't turn into a sauna, B) Cleanup is way easier, and C) I love grilled kebabs, veggies, pineapple, and other assorted things on a skewer so much.

What is one to do when the thought of turning on the oven AND the stove burners forms little premature beads of sweat mixed with dread on one's skin? I beg of you - suggestions please.


  1. I don't refer to the firepit as a "grill"...Did you grill on it? How does one do that? We have used it for some delicious s'mores for sure!

    Can't wait for the 4th! But I can't pack the firepit. :)

  2. We lived in Mississippi when we were first married, Virginia don't have nothin' on that when it comes to hot and sticky... or strange and scary.

    Anyway, we'd come home from work, mix up a couple of bourbon sours in Jackson Mets stadium cups with plenty of ice, and fire up the hibachi out on the apartment balcony. Small, cheap, and reasonably useful.

  3. I stand corrected: KG did NOT have the grill; twas the firepit. I think we left the grill on the side of the road along with all the other items that wouldn't fit in the U-Haul.

    As for Mississippi, I can only imagine. It would take many bourbon drinks for me to handle that situation. Thanks for the reminder that a little buzz will cure what ails ya!


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