Because I Can Can Can

Apologies to all Moulin Rouge fans for the post title - I never really took to that movie but I am a HUGE Ewan McGregor fan (oh, the Scottish accent and his fearless roles, especially in the cult classic Velvet Goldmine), but I digress...

I'm up on here today to tell you all about canning/preserving and how satisfying it is - yes, that thing that your grandmomma/grandma/gran/MeeMaw does or used to do. Canning, or "putting up/laying up" as it is colloquially known, is a great way to make use of particular produce you love and want to enjoy year-round.

My lovely friend C. taught me how to do it last summer and I have really, really, really enjoyed all the things I have canned thus far. I'm not really into pickling or preserving a lot of veggies, except for tomatoes, but I love making fruit spreads like jams, preserves, chutneys, butters, etc.

Yesterday I took to the stove in my wee hot-as-hell-kitchen and made seven pints of strawberry jam. It went a little something like this...

First, I rinsed and hulled very many berries - nine cups, to be exact.

Then, I crushed the berries in pot and boiled that mixture for 10 minutes

Meanwhile, my stock pot boiled water to process the jars ...

and my lids simmered, whilst I tried to keep cool with many glasses of ice water.

After the berries were cooked, I added mucho sugar and some lemon juice and this cooked for about 20 minutes...

After I tested the mix for jelling, I ladled the berry goodness into jars.

(Hot kitchen equals not a hot photo. Good grief.)

After they were all securely capped, I processed the jars in the stock pot for 15 min. and then took them out to cool.

I can't wait to taste this and to hopefully share with friends and family!

Thanks to Scott for picking up the berries at the Takoma Park Farmers Market! Thanks to my friend C. for showing me how it's done, and thanks to the spring season and the farmers who grew these lusciously sweet strawberries for me to use and enjoy. I love fresh food!!!!


  1. First of all, you look GREAT!! I can totally tell that your hard work is paying off :-)

    Secondly, I am mad jealous of your canning skills. Teach me Sensei Erin!! The jam looks delicious and strawberries are my fav.

    Way to rock it Mee Maw!

  2. I heart you, Beth! Thanks so much for the nice words. I is tryin'.

    C. and I almost canned at the time, maybe, if we can pull ourselves away from the sun and fun to work hard in the kitchen.

    I will see to it that you get yourself a little jam!

  3. Had a great time biking with you after you finished canning!!


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