Sometimes you just gotta' eat

I came home this evening to a curled-up sick spouse in bed, so remembering the many times she's taken care of me, I set about doing so for her.

I opened our pantry and found three cans of Campbells' tomato soup. This, plus a grilled cheese sandwich, is third-grade comfort food, so why shouldn't a 29 year old love it as well? Isn't that what we all want when we're miserable with aches, chills and sweats, to be taken back to third grade when when something as simple as soup would bring us comfort?

Despite soup's simplicity, I learned that it turns COMPLEX if you leave it on low heat and COVERED - a.k.a. Boil-Over Ready. I was focused on Italian sausages in another pan when I heard a sound I couldn't figure out. "How were the sausages making a liquid, gurgling sound .. OH YEAH, it's the rear burner with the soup boiling over, ya' dope!"

Lesson Learned: Leave soup uncovered, even when simmering.
Lesson Learned: Cooking six Italian sausages at once, just because they're approaching their expiry (quick Aussie way to say it) date, means you shouldn't leave soup ready to blow up on the corner burner.

Tonight's meal was nothing fancy (and certainly not easy clean-up - tomato soup EVERYWHERE!), but hey, sometimes you just gotta' eat.

Lastly, thanks to Sarah and Paul for off-loading their pantry to us in haste of their cross-country move to the Bay Area. Seriously, if they hadn't done that, I wouldn't have had the PERFECT sick-meal of tomato soup and grilled cheese.