Saltin' It Up

Confessional time: I often have issues with seasoning food. Especially with our friend the Salt Shaker.

Somehow I always oversalt the grits and undersalt pots of rice. I should just break down and carefully measure every time, I know. We have a big stainless steel shaker we use like this one and I tend to shake it like a Polaroid Picture a couple times over each dish as needed without
much precision.

Precision should be a concern for the folks at Mahatma, where they seem to be unaware that they're contributing to a lot of high blood pressure, and swollen ankles and ring fingers. Their yellow rice mix is off the charts with the salt! We made a pot of it last night and I could only eat about three bites of my serving before shoving it away.

I know many prepackaged foods are laden with sodium and, conversely, sugar. My sick days last week consisted of a meal or two of canned soup and for the first time I noticed Campbell's Tomato Soup is incredibly too sweet. Of course, my taste buds could have been tarnished by the sick bug, and I don't like much canned things anyway.

The only way to really know how much salt and sugar you're consuming is to stick with foods you prepare yourself. Yellow rice is simple enough to make from scratch but saffron is pricey - $8 to $10 on average for a jar. I suppose it would be worth it to not have the preservatives and mucho salt that comes with rice in a bag.


  1. Matt got really sick a couple months ago, and I stocked the house with Campbells chicken soups, ginger ale, bananas, and rice, all the stuff that is supposed to be "good" for what ails you. I cannot believe how SALTY the standard Campbells chicken noodle was! It was a salt lick! I will buy low sodium next time. But, M needed the salt to make him drink more water, so he was ok.


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