Friday Shout Out: Eh.

Yeah, still sick am I.

Well, I'm mobile and on the job at this point, as I couldn't handle another day confined to our wee apartment. "Cozy," they call it, when visitors see if for the first time.

No, it's freaking small, but thanks for that.

So....still sick and apparently a little bitchy too. My bad.

What will be today's shout out? I have no Earthly idea. How about....tea? Yeah, tea sounds good.

We drink a lot of it in our house and one of my lovely cubemates at work has started a tea stash for us to delve into. It's therapeutic and meditative, conjuring up images of gardens and little cucumber sandwiches and ladies in bonnets and gloves. Well, scratch the bonnets and gloves. I've got frizzy hair and uber-wrinkled clothes on today, but damn if I don't want a lot of tea to calm my cold and flu-ish symptoms.

Thanks, Chamomile, Throat Coat, Chai, Early Grey, Rooiboos, and other sorts of soothing yumminess in a bag. You're tea-riffic. (Bad pun. Blame it on my illness.)


  1. If you like ginger... try Yogi's ginger and lemon it is DIVINE! Sorry you';re still sick dear.


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