Friday Shout Out: Domku

Beets. Gravlax. Dill. Cabbage. Not your usual fare, but such are the components of Scandinavian and Eastern European food, courtesy of the darling/funky restaurant Domku in DC's Petworth 'hood.

When a friend suggested we meet there last night, I assumed it might be a Sushi or Japanese steakhouse place. A quick check on the Interwebs proved me wrong: Swedish/Russian/Polish/Finnish/etc. is what it's all about.

Decor included chandeliers, oddball art on the walls that reminded me of Bosch or Van Eyck, light fixtures of precious wire wreaths of flowers and twinkle lights, and thrift store-esque mismatched tables and chairs. Shabby-Euro Chic, for sure.

Our salad of grated beet, carrot, apple and cucumber with a horseradish kick was very sharp, crisp and tangy. My dish of crepes with buckwheat and cheese were creamy and filling, while Scott's pierogis looked more like Asian wontons and were bland and not very substantial for his appetite.

Bonus points for the atmosphere and the genuine unique menu offerings; subtract a few points for slow service (only one server manning the tables of about six parties) and teensy portions.

Happy Friday to everyone!