Early Friday Shout Out: Serious Eats

(I'm doing this post early, as I will be sans computer at the beach in just one day. Yes, I am counting down the minutes til 5 pm!)

The oh-so prestigious James Beard Foundation recently awarded the Best Blog of 2009 to Serious Eats, a very cool site full of all kinds of exciting food news, recipes, photos, videos and more.

I added them to follow their posts and I am incredibly glad I did, or else I might have missed this gem: Peanut Butter Sushi. Yes, please.

I am a lover of peanut butter. I think it's genetic; my late dad, a man of zero culinary skills (not really his fault; he came from a Southern household and generation where women knew their place in the kitchen, thankyouverymuch), had one solitary game plan when it came to making something: a peanut butter sandwich.

Hell, he didn't even need the bread. Oftentimes, there would be four spoons resting in the sink, all covered in crunchy or creamy smears of peanut butter. Give the man a jar of Jiff or Peter Pan and he'd find a way to consume it without much of a delivery system.

I like to spread peanut butter on Wasa or whole-grain crispbread crackers, or make a sauce for Asian dishes with PB, soy sauce, garlic, rice vinegar, crushed red pepper, a little water, and ginger. It's a very versatile ingredient, that PB.

But back to Serious Eats...check it out. And though it's a bit premature, have a wonderful weekend! I know I will!