Tasty South Indian food

We ate at The Woodlands this evening and it was delicious .. and CHEAP! : ) Under $30 for two of us, appetizer of vegetable pakora, Erin had Poori Bhaji, whole wheat bread, fried and puffed, served with potato and chickpea curry - it's a House Specialty. I had Jaipuri Paneer Dosai, which was a crepe-like bread filled with "homemade cheese, peas, onions, coriander and exotic spices." I also was treated to sides of Rasam, a traditional South Indian sour and spicy soup with stewed potatoes and zucchini.

Erin had heard that "Woodlands" is a term amongst the Indian community, or perhaps in India, to indicate that a restaurant is vegetarian. I can't find any research on it, but a Google search for "Woodlands Indian" brings up Woodlands South Indian-vegetarian restaurants all over the country, including a good one on West End Ave. in Nashville where I first experienced South Indian food. If you haven't had a dosa (spelling varies), it's a unique departure from chicken tandoori and other staples of more popular North Indian cuisine.